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The career coach for the modern era

Minimize mistakes and shortcut your process with exclusive wisdom from an industry expert.

Personalize plan

Maximize your career's potential by honoring your uniqueness.

Accelerate results

Prompt feedback from Lisa eliminates guess time and confirms the right actions.

Stop compromising

End your cycle of doing more for less and negotiate the win-win situation for everyone.

"Lisa covers all bases and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sharing her experience and expertise.
Whether you are seeking a career change at 40, 50, 60, or just barely getting started, she will set you up right."

Ker Vang

Owner, Affinity Effect

best fit

Who will benefit the most from this service?

You are a great fit if these traits feel relatable to you.

Wants a coach

Open to perspective from someone who has the experience to help.

Takes action

Not someone who tries but someone who wants to do whatever it takes.


You know the results is equivalent to the work you are responsible for.

Thrives in clarity

You want to design your success and feel the unbreakable confidence that comes with it.

Done compromising

In an era that demands more than ever, you are willing to negotiate for a win-win.

Always improving

Committed to attracting the best options through preparation.

meet your guide

Lisa J. ORourke

The coach to win your career crossroads without the necessary mistakes.




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how this works

The 5-step process

Proven strategic approach that builds on each other.


Discover and use clarity mindset exercises.

Learn the strategy to empty your teacup.

Become mindful to understand who you are as an unique individual.


What is your WHY in life? Why do you do what you do each day?

Discuss how making conscious decisions will be helpful in your next new career.

Let go of perfection, understand that you are qualify for other career choices.


Discover how the resistance to change has affected your life.

Give yourself permission to change and live outside of your comfort zone.

Discuss and use vision boards to keep you moving through the resistance.


Learn a strategy to use unproductive behaviors to your advantage.

Discover how to use negative beliefs as a perspective opportunity.

5 examples of how you can deal with your demons head-on (comfort zone, distractions, fear, procrastination, and negative beliefs)


Establish the action steps you plan to take.

Decide the new path you will pursue – career move or start your own business.

Making the transition from dreaming to doing! Dare to jump ship!


Some of the highlights you can expect when you put in the work.

Design your own success

Enjoy the rewards that accompany taking ownership of your decisions.

Be confident in your worth

Use your unique skillset to negotiate the win-win situation for everyone.

Attract opportunities

Draw attention from those who respects the value you provide.

Impress at meetings

Articulate yourself professionally and always leave a great impression.

Navigate future challenges

Use obstacles as opportunities to accelerate improvement.

Jump ship with confidence!

Initiate better opportunities instead of waiting for others to decide.

You are in this for yourself but not by yourself

Use the advantage of a career coach to get out of survival mode and enjoy being in thriving mode.

Frequently asked questions

How long will this take?

Results depend upon which offer is selected.

The 5-Step Personalized 1:1 Coaching will take five weeks. (Meet for one hour each week)

The Coursework Offering - You work at your own pace.

eBook or Book Purchase - This is ongoing. These are reference tools to have readily accessible to you if you feel stuck as you continue through your new career change transition.

Will you help me get a better job?

No because we are not a job placement agency.
However, we are well connected to other businesses that can have opportunities for our clients.

What is your coaching strategy and style?

Our coaching style is relaxed, personal, straightforward forward, and result driven.

Our coaching strategy is to provide the proper assessment tools and online resources to help our clients find their next career opportunity that best complements their current job skillset, abilities, and interests.

What makes you standout or different from other career coaches?

Provide a unique style presentation and personalized direction/guidance, based on my experience of successfully transitioning into a new career as well.


Your cheat code in the modern era

Skip the mistakes and consequences everyone else will go through.

1-on-1 guidance with a real person

Fast feedbacks to accelerate results

Guarantee to stay committed until the plan works