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The only book to normalize career change

Accelerate your career change with exclusive lessons from a career expert.

Strategically structured

Create your momentum through lessons that build off each other.

Action-oriented insights

Practical advice and strategies to propel you forward.

A personal story

Read how an experienced corporate and HR personnel struggled as well.

"Ease of understanding for readers. This was the best aspect of the book!
I liked that there is so much actionable guidance in the book. It’s surprising how many self-help books don’t have much actionable guidance."

Nicholas L. Carter

Publisher and editor, @Therewillbenic

who is this for?

How do you know if this is for you?

We believe everyone can benefit from this book but people in the situations listed below will gain the most from it.

Facing a layoff situation

The situation may not be ideal, but you now have the opportunity to stop being put in this position.

Ready to explore options

Your readiness to explore different options reflects a growth mindset and an eagerness to embrace opportunities.

Returning from a career break

This is the opportunity to be reintroduced to a career field that is more aligned with your identity.

meet the author

Lisa J. ORourke

Drawing from personal experiences, the goal of my debut book is to shine a light on the reality of career change and how to successfully execute it.

Designed with the reader in mind

Written from first-hand experience

45+ years of service extracted into one book


The four lessons

The book is broken down into four lessons you can build on to overcome the rough waters that will lie ahead when making a career change.

Discover and using clarity

Know what true clarity is and how to use it.

Understand why you are not where you want to be.

Start leading yourself with certainty instead of always wondering.

Own your identity and fears

No longer be identified by your fears.

Identify and unroot unhealthy believes.

Lead with authenticity and attract those who respects who you are.

Target and overcome current challenges

Identify your roadblocks.

Create a strategy to use roadblocks as lessons.

Never again be stuck again when you reach career crossroads.

Turn your dreams into a reality

Get creative with how to translate your skillsets.

Realize how valuable you are and stop compromising.

Put everything together and start getting the results.


What results can you expect?

Although this book was written to help you make a successful new career change, it will also help you to obtain other results as well.

Sense of direction

Create more certainty with your career change when you have confidence in what you want.

Become fearless

Overcome your fears and self-sabotaging beliefs to enable the confidence you do have.

Get off your island

You are in this for your but not by yourself. Learn who should be on your team for this journey.

An adaptable plan

A plan is only as good as the situation it is created for. The plan you create can be adjusted for your growth.

Realize your value

Setup the win-win situation without being devalued and overworked.

Jump ship with confidence!

Initiate better opportunities instead of waiting for others to decide.

Frequently asked questions

Is this book similar to a guideline?

The book is written through the author's personal story to help the readers relate to job displacement and dissatisfaction. The lessons the author learned are extracted in easy to understand format to minimize mistakes the readers will have to make.

Is this a marketing tool for your business?

The intention of this book is to be a strategy guide you can always refer back to. All the information that is required are within the book with no upsells for the "real secret".

Will this book provide guidance on exploring my interests, values, and passions?

Absolutely! This book will help you navigate the exploration of your interests, values, and passions to find a fulfilling career path.

What are some ways to apply the knowledge from this book?

One effective way to learn and apply the knowledge is to talk about the lessons with someone who knows you.
We understand it is difficult to have these tough conversations, which is why we developed an online course that can structure the path to career change.

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Invest in yourself

Purchase the book and never have to worry about your career success again.

Real-life tips and lessons

Stay ahead of any career crossroads

Normalize how career change should feel

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