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How ORourke Strategy got started

feeling unfulfilled

I held a job for a good number of years. My bosses and co-workers highly respected the point in my career where job duties were comfortably performed.

Unfortunately, I still could not shake the feeling that I should have been in a different place in my career life, especially since I was starting to enter the midlife stage of my working career.

the turning point

Once I hit 40, I felt that I was not where I hoped to be at this stage of my life. For some reason, I thought I would be much further ahead in life.

I expected to have accomplished so much more in my life. That feeling of overwhelm and despair started to take over and set in.

job displacement

After leaving that organization, I took on similar roles in different companies, playing it safe for the time being. I kept pushing forward and making ends meet, as financial obligations had to be fulfilled.

However, after multiple department re-organizations, I was laid off one final time.

realigning myself

Deep within my corporate career, I always carried a burning desire to become a boss and embraced my passion for empowering others to succeed.

After thorough online research and connecting with entrepreneurs who had faced similar limitations in the corporate world, I found a highly accomplished coach who resonated with me.

Orourke strategy

Lisa J. ORourke - Career Change Coach

Looking back, I have come a long way from just a few years ago. I have had the opportunity to learn so much and meet many wonderful, successful people throughout my journey.

I am proud to say that I am currently the successful founder of ORourke Strategy. I would also love to have the opportunity to help you succeed in your next new career change journey!

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