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The career change course designed by industry experts.

Create a personalized plan with the proven system to change your career successfully.

Plug-and-play template

Use the framework that was designed by a career expert to speed up your results.

Proven system with results

Time-tested knowledge that has produced life-changing results for others.

Adaptable to any situation

Adjustable to any life changes that will naturally occur with success.

best fit

Who would benefit the most

We believe everyone can benefit from this course but people in the situations listed below will gain the most from it.

Want to take action

Do more than wait for opportunities

Control their own destiny through preparation

meet the instructor

Lisa J. ORourke

45+ years of corporate and HR knowledge in one course.

Keeps it simple

Uses personal examples

No vague or overexaggerated promises

What's Inside

Preview of the course


The beginning

Meet your instructor

What to expect from this course

How to get the most from this course

Session 1

Achieve your clarity

What is clarity?

Exercises to get your clarity

Become mindful and understand who you are as an unique individual

Session 2

Create your foundation

Discover how to make conscious decisions

Examine your thought process and what drives you

Understand your WHY and explore career paths available

session 3

Overcome the resistance

Unroot lifelong self-doubts

Explore how you have been held back by resistance

Give yourself permission to change and experience success outside of your comfort zone

session 4

Win your battle within

How to handle unproductive behavior

Learn the strategy to deal with negative beliefs

Learn how to use challenges and set-backs as an advantage

session 5

Decisions, actions, and results

Understand intrinsic and extrinsic motivators

Establish which new career path you wish to pursue

Leave behind your days of wishful thinking and dare to jump ship!


What happens when you put in the work

Take control of your journey

Stop feeling like your life is always in fate's hands.

Stop settling for less

Understand the skills you have makes you a wanted talent.

Know your options

Explore creativity and interest to understand other career choices are possible.

Align work with identity

Discover your WHY and do the work that matters to you.

Replace limiting habits

Let go of perfection, depreciating beliefs, and resistance to change.

Jump ship with confidence!

Initiate better opportunities instead of waiting for others to decide.

start now

Embrace the possibilities and start putting your career change into effect

Frequently asked questions

How is this different from the book?

Unlike the book, the course's goal is to get you to produce a career strategy. Tools such as videos, audio recordings, and interactive quizzes are used to make the learning process engaging and personal.

Will I be learning with other students?

The course is done alone at a self-paced rate. The Jump Ship Community is open and everyone is encouraged to share their results!

Is this an upsell towards a $10,000 course?

There is no upsell or "hidden" courses to make more sales. Everything you need to create a career change strategy is in this course.

What if I need results faster than what the course can help with?

Everyone's situation is different and we understand that. If you require faster results, please schedule a free consultation and we will help you get your career change right!


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